Some will say that the external agencies fell asleep at the wheel and lost their almost divine right to marketing and creativity. Others will say that in-house agencies have sold out on the basic principle that marketing should be driven by good creativity and good ideas. The truth is that both models have their distinct advantages. And the good news is that there’s a way to make your marketing setup a win-win-house—a setup that offers both sets of advantages at the same time.


We analyse, design, implement and run efficient in-house agencies

By bringing creativity, talent, and the best tech to the heart of the companies operation, they get agility, creativity, and complete day-to-day control of the marketing activities at fixed costs.

Let us help you get started


On-site agency - the best of two worlds


We design…

We analyze your needs, spend and desires, and design an agency setup that is customised to your situation. 

If you are looking to save, we will tell you how much. And if you hope to get more from your marketing budget, we will show you how much bigger your new marketing muscles could be.




Setting up an entirely new agency is no small task. Finding, attracting and onboarding the best people and setting up the facilities, processes and systems for a perfect start, fast, can be an overwhelming assignment for companies.

We know the roles, profiles and processes needed for a professional agency that rivals the best external options.



…and run 

Your success likely comes from knowing your industry, markets and customers inside and out. Expanding that business to also run an agency might seem like adding a complexity you do not need.

Our core business is in-house agencies. Our success is built on agency operations focus, and with every new site, we get better. Letting us operate your in-house agency can make it cheaper, better staffed and more efficient.


We operate in-house agencies for companies such as Grundfos, Norlys, Det Nordjyske Mediehus, Kamstrup, NIC. Christiansen Gruppen with brands such as Hyundai, Jaguar and Land Rover in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Design your own custom-built agency

No two businesses are the same. There is no of-the-shelves solution to fit all needs. So, we tailor a setup for your needs, your company, your market, and your ambitions.

Let's talk about the services and specialist functions you want in your in-house agency – and let us operate it to make your marketing both cost-efficient and effective.

Content development and community management
E-learning development and CPDs
Production, versioning and localisation
Video and AV factory
People management and brand governance
Experience planning and design
Global marketing implementation
CRM, data planning, analytics and marketing reporting
Digital platforms, products and build
Graphics and motion
Integrated marketing and campaign development
Workflow management and market automation
Brand strategic and creative back up per request